Best Portable Generator 2017 – Top Selling List (Updated)

If there is no electricity at night suddenly

If the equipment does not have enough power when you are camping?

Then you should definitely bring home the best portable generators 2017.

Here we have made a full list which could help you choose your perfect portable generators. Different kinds of portable generators available out in the marketplace and you need to find the one that would suit your needs.

Don’t worry! We are here to provide you with not only with the best reviews but with the portable generators buying guide and many more that would make you a better consumer.

Best Portable Generators 2017 (Top List)

Our experts have selected the following models of portable generators for you that you can use to keep your life confortable. Check them out.

Now that you have seen the models that you can pick from, you should also know them in details. Now, the models that we have enlisted here may have different applications on different grounds. That’s why, having a detailed knowledge about the portable generators can really help you.

Here are our detailed reviews of top 5 portable generators of different types that would be the wise pick…

1. Yamaha EF2000is – Simply the Best Portable Generators[Recommended]

Yamaha is a renowned brand in the generator industry. Its main features include the fact that it relies on gas, it is easy to use and produces 2000 watts of energy.
yamaha ef200is

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It is quiet
Forget the annoying noise from some generators. Yamaha saves your ears the trouble.That is why the brand is recommended as the best portable generator for camping. The glass wool and sound blocking structure are responsible for its quiet nature.
Uses less fuel
With Yamaha, a single tank of gas will last more than 10hours. The smart throttle tech in the generator readjusts the engine speed depending on the load. This reduces fuel consumption and noise as well.
User friendly
You do not need any special skills to operate this tool. It is easy starting it and it works well even during cold seasons, thanks to its warm up feature. You can also easily reach different parts of the device.
Great fuel system
The fuel gauge allows you see how much fuel is left before needing a refill. You will get a warning when the fuel level is too low. This way you avoid damaging engine parts. Besides, the engine itself is made of high-quality material to ensure the generator lasts.

The Pros:

  • Efficient
  • Powerful
  • Quiet
  • Durable
  • Small and light

The Cons:

  • Unsuitable when camping for more than 11 hours

2. Champion 75537i – Best Portable Generator For RV

This is the best portable generator for RV. Its 3100 watts feature makes it more efficient than generators producing lesser watts. It could also be the best whole house generator, as it can power your lights system, refrigerator, laptop, microwave, and TV.
Champion 75537i

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Engine system
The equipment works with one Champion cylinder and a 4-stroke OHV engine. It runs on gasoline. The 3-position ignition switch makes it efficient. The good thing is that it comes with a battery.

Elegant design
The tool looks amazing especially the colors. Accessing any feature is easy because they are all clearly placed on the device. The touch technology makes it even comes with a remote with which to start it, but do not go farther than 80ft.

Clean electricity generation
If you are looking for a generator that cares about your gadgets this is what to buy. It comes with a USB adapter, 120V household outlet and clean energy that is no more than 3% THD. About the load, let the generator run at 25%.

The Pros:

  • More powerful
  • Quiet
  • Effective
  • Suitable for homes

The Cons:

  • A little noisy with 58dBA
  • Can not run your home for more than 8 hours

3. PowerPro 56100 2-Stroke

PowerPro is another name you will find in standby generator reviews. It produces less noise making it on the list of the best quiet portable generator. It will last you 5 hours maximum, making it ideal for camping and as a backup power source at home.
PowerPro 56100 2-Stroke

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2-stroke system
PowerPro's engine runs on a single cylinder. It uses both oil and gasoline. The oil means there is no need for oil changes. You will need 1-gallon fuel every five hours of use. This is only possible if you are operating the generator at half load. Theon and off switch starts and stops the engine.

The device has a rating of 1000 watts. It is great for gadgets such refrigerators, microwaves and TVs.Always remember to check the wattage rating on any device you run using this brand.

The handle is centrally placed ensuring easy movement. It also feels great in your hands. The rubber pads on the frame ensure the tool does not fall when resting on a surface. This fosters safety of the device and that of users.

The Pros:

  • Light
  • Compact to save storage space
  • Has a comfortable handle
  • The spark arrestor prevents fire accidents
  • It is EPA and CARB compliant
  • Sturdy

The Cons:

  • Less powerful than 4stroke generators
  • Produces less watts (1000 only)

4. DuroMax XP440E – 4400 Watts Generator

The main elements that make DuroMax generator stand out is how powerful it is. Besides it is a gas powered equipment with an electric and recoil start. Power DuroMax is a 4-cycle generator. The 4400 watts rating is simply amazing. The gas tank has a capacity of 4 gallons. With this, the device can run for up to 8 hours non-stop.
DuroMax XP440E

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This is easy to use tool. It has an electric key start that comes with a battery. You can as well use the recoil start. When the oil is too low, the device automatically goes off to avoid damaging the engine. The control area is clearly displayed to make operating the tool much easier for you.

The wheel system
The model is among the few best portable generators that have wheels. The wheels ensure stability due to the vibration. The wheel kit will help you ensure its safety and proper running.

The Pros:

  • It is safe with a circuit breaker switch
  • Can stand big loads
  • Well thought of design
  • The big muffler reduces noise

The Cons:

  • The 120pounds are heavier as compared to other brands
  • It is a beat big requiring more storage space

5. Westinghouse 7500 – 4 Stroke Engine

Imagine having a generator with a minimum of 7500 watts and a maximum of 9000watts. This is what Westinghouse is offering. The 400cc engine, adorned with cast iron sleeves, is great. You are guaranteed 17hours of continuous operation with a load of 25%.
Westinghouse 7500

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It comes with several kits including tool, wheel and handles kits. These ensure the safety of your tool for long lasting service.

The electric starter makes things a lot easier. Besides, the generator is quiet. The VR function ensures voltage is regulated for safe operations. You will be right to name this brand the best quiet portable generator in its category, due to its muffler system.

The device runs on a fuel tank of more than six gallons. It is a simple to use tool. All you need to do is understand its features. Pressing a button starts the generator. The automatic low oil shutdown feature reminds you that you need a refill even before the fuel tank is completely empty.

The Pros:

  • The 4-stroke engine is powerful
  • High-quality tires
  • Requires little maintenance
  • Saves on maintenance costs Cons

The Cons:

  • Not helpful to users with small power needs
  • The 213pounds weight is heavy
Depending on your energy needs, any of the five best portable generators should be of help to you. Whether you are going camping or backing up power in your house there is a generator for that.

Why We Need To Buy A Portable Generators?

Mankind is highly dependent on electricity for everyday activities. But the supply of power is not 100% effective and sufficient. There are some areas that don't have access to electricity yet. Other times there are power outages that necessitate the need for generators. So, why should you buy a portable generator?

You use electricity for a lot of things. Like cooking, charging devices, monitoring security, lighting purposes, doing laundry and many other activities. Activities that come to a standstill when there is a power outage. Why should this happen when you can have a reliable backup? The portable generator is the way to go. Not only as a backup, but as an alternative source of electricity.

Types of Portable Generator:

These are ideal for activities such as fishing, entertainment and other outdoor activities. The recommended wattage for these generators is between 1000 and 2000 watts. The low wattage is to ensure that they remain relatively quiet especially when used in places with many people. It will be distracting if it is too loud. They are made quiet by the inverter technology and are powered by gasoline. This is the best generator for camping and recreational vehicles (RV). They also provide a clean power for sensitive electronics like computers.

We live in a world that is entirely dependent on electricity. But even so, sometimes we are faced with power outages. It is for this reason that portable generators are important in ensuring that activities carry on without power disruption.

Emergency generators help salvage unsaved files that might have been in progress, avoid security systems shut downs, keep food fresh, save lives where used for medical equipment, provide warmth back up in extremely cold areas and so on These are mostly used in homes. An average household will need a 5000watts portable generator. But to be safe, it's better to allow an allowance. Therefore, a generator with 7000 to 9000 watts is the best generator for home use. Most run on gasoline while others use natural gas.

These are seen mostly at construction sites and at various industrial applications. They are tougher and bulkier than residential generators. Most models are powered by gasoline or diesel.

Features to Conside when purchase a portable generator

(1).Power requirements.
Before acquiring a generator, it is important to determine the number of watts that will meet the required power backup. You should also consider factors such as, "On the onset of power outage, should the generator power the entire building or just the emergency units?"
(2).Fuel type.
Most fuel types used include propane, diesel, natural gas and gasoline. You will have to consider the availability of the generator's fuel within the area you are based. The cosy too is a major factor. Fuel needs to be replenished. Will you afford the maintenance costs every time the fuel tank needs refilling? How long does a certain type of fuel run? Is it convenient or is the stability life too short? Is the fuel allowed to be supplied on-site legally? Does it emit high amounts of harmful fumes? Each fuel type has its benefits and drawbacks.
The whole idea of buying a portable generator is have a light weight generator. One that will be easy to move around as required. Note that, there are generators considered portable yet they are bulky with very little power output. Yet some are pretty small, portable and have a very high power output. However, such models may be a little too expensive.
(4).Fuel tank capacity.
It is the fuel tank's capacity that determines how long the machine will run before it needs a refill. However, different portable generators have different consumption rates. It is therefore important to consider how efficient the fuel is before acquiring one
(5).User convenience.
Some generators have a switch whereby you switch on and off. Others require you to pull a rope to start. This one will require a bit of strength. So the model you find most easy and convenient to work with should be put into consideration.
A generator with a sturdy solid body will offer service for a long time since it will be resistant to wear and tear properties such as denting. The generator you buy should be worth the money you invest in it One that will not wear out quickly in respect to the frequency it is put to work.
When buying gadgets and other appliances, you do consider the manufacturer right? Same case applies. Most generators are found to be the better choice based on their manufacturer's reputation. Getting a generator from such a manufacturer will enable you sample different reviews from people who have bought it before. Besides, a manufacturer who has been in the business for a long time has enough experience in producing the ideal product.
Some models require constant servicing, which may be inconvenient and costly to the owner. Others require little care and maintenance to run efficiently.
(9).Additional features.
There are portable generators fitted with inverters therefore helping to reduce the noise most generators cause. Check out for a fuel level monitor as well to avoid running out of fuel without warning. You should be on the lookout for extra standard plugs, AC outlet, voltage selector switch and any other features that may come in handy.
This should be a considered for security just in case the portable generator malfunctions within a little span. Some of the best generators in the market come with a three year guarantee.
Electricity could cause catastrophic damage if not handled with care. It is necessary to check whether the generator has been fitted with circuit breakers, spark arrestors, grounding methods and the ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection. This will ensure nobody is electrocuted or the current finds an alternative path to destruction.
When all the factors and features are considered, whether you make a purchase will be entirely dependent on your budget. It is therefore important to weigh the cost of different portable generators to determine the best model to acquire.

How to Use A Portable Generator:

First of all, ensure that the generator is placed out in the open and at a safe distance from the building/home. This is to a avoid carbon monoxide poisoning. Plug the generator's cable into a heavy duty extension. It is dangerous to attach it directly to the main wiring.

This is done to avoid damage to other electrical equipment and appliances. Ensure the wattage of all the devices attached to the generator do not exceed the limit. You can now turn on the generator safely. When there is need to refill, ensure the generator has cooled first.

Standby generators.
Unlike portable generators, standby generators are stationery and designed to power an entire building or household. They often run on an automatic starting system immediately the power goes off. The generator will automatically go off immediately the power outage is over These are installed professionally by experts. They are way more expensive than portable generators. They are powered by propane or natural gas and have enhanced safety measures.

A lot of buyers consider brand, feature and price while out buying generator, At the same time,you should also consider the watts.

There are many different kinds of generators can be found in the market having different features.You will find different kinds of generators from many brands which are available within different budget.


FAQs …

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions that we often encounter about portable generators.We hope that they will be helpful for you and will make you aware about some things from before.

Q. What size generator do i need for my house calculator or camping(Other needs)?

Simple 3 steps to count the wattage,Click this link:

Q. Generac vs Champion ,which one is better?

They work both are good,But generac has poor tech support their own engine,champion has great support and available parts,So champion is a better choice.


Suggest the yamaha ef2000is


Final Call:

Now, we have discussed almost all the basic things about generators. You can make a choice.

You can know about the latest price and more info about the portable generators by just clicking on the links that come with the product. Don’t forget to check what the users of the portable generators are talking about.

So, this was the offerings from us on portable generators. We hope that you have learned enough about the portable generators and now its time for you to bring home the best portable generator 2017.